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BreastScreen SA is excited to introduce our new brand identity – a look-and-feel that is truly unique and represents the service we provide for women living in South Australia.

We are the only service provider in SA who specialises in breast cancer screening – which is why we are experts at what we do. Our new logo has been designed to reflect this. Each circle represents an individual, together representing all BreastScreen SA staff, and all women within South Australia. Overall, the symbol represents a breast.

Our primary colour palette has been expanded and updated to appeal to a wide range of audiences on different levels. The pink ties our previous branding with our new direction, and the incorporation of neutral tones creates a feeling of warmth, inclusivity and diversity.

Graphic of strips of different colours, with the largest being cerise pink, then purple, orange, blush, plum and grey.

BreastScreen SA's new colour palate